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Global Warming California ... Still not enough?

Started by Solars Toy, January 04, 2022, 11:20:38 PM

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Solars Toy

You have seen some of our pictures.  Now they have come out with the official number.  Sierra Nevada December snowfall record is  214 inches (17 feet 8 inches)

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Quote from: Bronx on January 05, 2022, 03:03:23 AMStunning and dangerous all at the same time.
That image doesn't even come close to just how bad it got. :biggrin: 

That's pretty. What we had looked like a warzone, trees down everywhere, powerlines lying on the ground and poles snapped for miles, rockslides/mudslides, roads completely blocked for miles.
If not for neighbors, the roads would still be blocked. Our main HWY 193 didn't see a plow for two whole days and had hundreds of trees down across the Highway.
Everyone was out on quads and side by sides because taking a 4X4 like mine out would have certainly wound up in the ditch.
This is against the law in Ca, butt fuck the Marxists!!!

My Mule ditched twice in the one time we went to town so the neighbor could get gas for their generator.
They had just bought and moved into the acreage next to mine, they had no idea what to expect, though I did my best to warn them, but until you live it, you can't imagine just how hard it is to survive. Prepare, prepare, PREPARE!!!

This is Ca, where we are always entering the next drought, this one just ended. :lol:

Fires in a couple of years, rinse and repeat...
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