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Biteme campaigns for Nucellini

Started by Solar, September 07, 2021, 11:09:02 AM

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Like two anchors keeping one another afloat. :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Biden scheduled to campaign with beleaguered California Gov. Gavin Newsom as recall election heats up

With the California recall election day only a week away, the Biden administration's top people are said to be making themselves present and available for Gavin Newsom in California.
According to Fox News, President Biden is anticipated to show up to California next week, right before the day of the September 14th recall election.
The news came via White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. She had time to answer questions from reporters on Air Force One as it traveled to New York and New Jersey this Tuesday.
"He will be, I expect we'll have more to report to all of you, or announce, on a trip he'll take early next week," said Psaki.
Vice President Kamala Harris is now scheduled for a visit to the Bay Area this week, on Wednesday. She was previously expected to campaign with Newsom last month, but those plans were cancelled because of the Kabul suicide bombing that killed thirteen Americans.

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Sick Of Silence

If I ever become Fuhrer, I am going to make a punishable crime for a politician to step away from their office.

And, yes. Going to campaign while you are in office will fall under that.
Social Media are multi-national billion dollar corporations with foreign investors that are going unchecked with the power to effect our election process.

"Book burnings" have evolved into "de-plat forming". Its the same principles behind both: to eliminate accessible knowledge.