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Mark Steyn GP Interview part 2

Part 2

GP says that when Trump said he would declassify the FISA warrants and the UK and AU begged him not to. He thinks that the FISA warrant applications included transcripts of his meetings with UK and AU people spying on him.

He says the UK prof hired him to write an energy paper and set him up to meet his 'Cambridge assistant' who was beautiful, Turkish, knew nothing about energy and spoke very poor English but hit on him and flirted with him. He thinks she was foreign intelligence hired by the CIA perhaps. He was extremely distrustful of her for the reasons just given. He did not go to bed with her.

16:15 He talks about being given $10K in cash but he smells a rat and gives it to his lawyer in Greece. He lands in DC and is seized at the airport, shackled treated harshly, and his luggage searched, apparently for the $10K.  He is grabbed before he would have had a chance to declare the cash. ??? The person who gave him the $10K in Tel Aviv is a CIA asset and listed as such in Wikileaks. He tried to give the money back but the guy said he did not want it back.

He said what if the FBI was involved in this sting operation?

He said he has never met a Russian official.

26 min He said Misfud continued to meet with British officials like Boris Johnson long after this and was not likely a Russian agent for that reason. He thinks Misfud will tell the US who he was working for and who hid him.

His wife is Italian and knows who Misfud is. he thinks she was subpoenaed by Mueller to scare her into not saying who he was. She was told to spy on him, leave him, etc. She left the FBI office and miscarried.

Summary of Mark Steyn GP interview part 1

I will write a brief summary of the above interview since most do not have the time to watch either video. From memory. I forgot the order of some of this.

GP wanted to work on the Trump campaign very early when it was small but was told they were full up. So he worked on the Ben Carson campaign for a few months. GP was some think tank guy specializing in the Eastern Mediterranean, esp Cyprus and Israel in oil and gas issues. He knew nothing about Russia.

He worked for some strange London Law institute and received a firector title he did not deserve and did little work. He was introduced to very important people. It was odd. Then the Trump org called and said he could join them. Then he was invited to Italy to meet some very important people before he returned to the US. It was a well known, well reported, spy school with connections to US intelligence.

He met with Misfud who claimed to know important Russians and would introduce GP to them because Trump wanted to improve relations with Russia. Out of the blue Misfud told GP that his Russian contacts told him they had the Hillary emails. Misfud also introduced GP to Putin's niece who was very attractive, but Putin does not have a niece..... Misfud said the Russian ambassador was a friend of his and offered to introduce him but that never happened.

Then GP was to meet with some very important Alexander Downer guy from AU. GP was supposed to pass on the Hillary email gossip so it could be used to start an investigation as "the source was a member of the Trump campaign" but GP says he did not but Downer reported it anyway.

GP was being spied on by four different countries, including Italy.
Since "squash" isn't a real sport, they should get nothing.

    The Italian prime minister has suddenly requested resignations from 6 deputy directors of Italian intelligence agencies: DIS, AISI and AISE. This was all after I outed Mifsud in Rome and the president called the Italian prime minister. Italy has flipped and are giving up Brennan.

    — George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) May 16, 2019

Italian media are reporting that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conté has requested the resignations.

I posted links above to a Mark Steyn interview of George Papadopoulos going into Mifsud and followed up by the Duran. Papadopoulos is married to an Italian who keeps him up to date on Italian news.
Some of this set up of Papadopoulos was in Italy. Mifsud apparently had no Russian contacts to share.

This video is for people who don't have a life or want to finally hear what George Papadopoulos has to report. I never really followed the stories on him because they were complicated and perhaps incorrect.  This video is very simple to follow as he explains what happened to him. This is bizarre.  I think I understand what happened now. What is incredible is that the FISA/Mueller investigation was based on the Steel dossier and some Papadopoulos meeting which is described in the video and  in his book. I only came upon the video because the Duran found it fascinating and both guys publicly apologized to Papadopoulos for their past writings and statements about him. The Duran guys are not easily impressed.

I wonder if the recent Italian intelligence firings are related to this. ???
I watched the Duran video first.

The Mark Steyn Show with George Papadopoulos, part one.
The gay lobby will never learn.

I agree though. Keep them away from little kids. They like turning boys into girls.

If you have the time, there are three recent videos on George Papadopoulos. One by the Duran which I found very useful. The next two are by Mark Steyn interviewing GP.

I loved all three. Note that after this GP info became public, recently, apparently Trump called Italian govt and they fired 6 high level intelligence people as they were involved.

Five Eyes SPY GAME. George Papadopoulos details how coup against Trump started
This is the story of how the soft coup against US President Trump began. The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the 'James Bond-like', real life spy saga that targeted George Papadopoulos, and kicked off the two year long Mueller "Trump-Russia" investigation. An incredible recollection of 2015-2016 events in London and Rome, as told by Papadopolous, that shows how the Five Eyes of surveillance orchestrated the dangle operation that would ensnare the Trump campaign staffer, and provide cover for the fabricated Steele dossier.

Let's be clear. They pushed spies at him BEFORE they opened the investigation. This proves it's a hoax right from the start. There is zero doubt about this.

I've been saying that's one of the biggest all-time clutch moves in history.  It would have been hilarious if he stuffed a bag full of $10k of Monopoly money, then at the airport when the Feds were going through his bag and pulling out fistfulls of play money, he says stuff like "Should I have declared that??"

There was an episode on The Good Wife about FISA warrants and NSA spying. It was kinda humorous and well written as always. I think it was the "Parallel Construction, B*tches" episode.  A drug dealer suspects he is being ratted out or spied on. He speaks to his lawyers one of whom then uses her cell phone to make a note, which info is  picked up by the NSA and given to the local police.

He is driving to the airport (with his lawyer in the car). They pull him over for a busted tail light, open his trunk and find a huge bag of white powder.  His lawyer then lifts up the trunk bottom to reveal a bunch of flattened pancake mix boxes.  :laugh:

Styx speaks for me.


"Police are investigating claims that LGBT activists were harassed, intimidated, and pelted with eggs outside a primary school in Birmingham where a row has blown up between the activists, and Muslim parents over the teaching of LGBT issues to children."

Though on this matter the Muslims are the ones making sense.
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