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God Yes!!! I sooo love the wisdom that comes with age and the ability to recognize when it's time to check out.
I've never understood the appeal of immortality or living more than 100 years, no thanks, when the eyes, ears, and mind/body are shutting down, it's time...

For a long as I can remember I have only needed 4 hrs. of sleep.   My thinking was that's all I needed.   :lol: 

But after passing the 75 year mark some time back.  I think it's now the aches and pain in my muscle and joints, that get me up and moving so the aches and pain will go away.  Or I have just learned to block it when I get up in the morning over the years.  The sun is my friend.   :lol: 

My old cat is getting up in the years also. (16 years) She like me likes going out on the deck at 5 A.M. and enjoy the sun coming up as it feels so good. 
Solar ... glad you're feeling better.

I don't quite understand how to get my arms around this yet but you've supplied a perspective to work with.

Thanks to you and Supsal for the input.

You brought up one specific area of dispute ... but after reading I see it was a misunderstanding on my part:

That's Right, they blamed cruz, knowing full well the real culprit was the Marxist in the WH, so why throw one of your own under the bus over that of America's enemy?
Because the establishment got their orders from the very same money backers as the Dims.

I interpreted this to mean you were classifying Trump as a Marxist ... but I can see that you clearly meant BO. Your points of how the Pubs gave The Marxist his way, even with a majority in congress, how the current POTUS has thrown the Freedom Caucus, and specifically Ted Cruz, under the buss, does identify that there is something foul going on. It could be: (1) common money backers from the Dims. (2) maybe POTUS is very focused on his agenda and expects the Pubs to get behind him no matter what ... he was surprised, (3) could even be that Trump is really a Dim in disguise and working to move things to the left and take down the Pubs ... starting with the Conservatives. There could be ten other reasons. I think (2) is the most likely for Trump's actions - it is consistent with his historical character of getting what he wants.

I don't believe that pure communism is at work - communist idealists. Some exist, but I don't think they are the primary impetus behind the dark side we are experiencing. However, I claim that an oligarchy (rule by a few ... the Crony Capaitalists) can pretty much look like communism ... get the people dependent and then you can sustain control. I'm thinking that the actions from the crony capitalists to seize control are very similar to the communists who are idealists that want to distribute wealth and build dependency of the people on those who distribute for the purpose of control.

But based on how much of the 1963 list has surprisingly / unfortunately been accomplished, the oligarchy of crony capitalists taking control looks enough like communism that there is no substantial difference in outcome.  I have a hard time believing that there is a pure ideal communist enemy at work behind the scenes in our country and behind both parties but the evidence of how far the referenced naked communist list has come in being accomplished says that there is evil that pursues the same controls as the communists and I'm suggesting it's likely the crony capitalists. BO was clearly a Marxist and sole his ideas under the rhetoric of hope and change ... but he was overt ... not behind the scenes.

I'm not sure how I prove this distinction between continued communist attack and/or crony capitalist attack on the Republic. I would claim that the Communists lost in the late 60's but the recent behavior of the crony capitalists have renewed the initiative of the communists ... even though they both have different reasons for wanting control of the people, i.e., ideals for the communists vs. wealth for the crony capitalists ... both accomplish their ends by control of the people. From the perspective of outcome, I don't think it matters too much. But from the perspective of defending the Republic, it's an important distinction. Important because we have two groups to fight against instead of one ... and the approach to staving off each is somewhat different. The Communists are defeated by showing that the Republic system is a better ideal - that's been done. But the crony capitalists are fought by exposing them and keeping their levers (funds) from influencing US leadership. That front is wide open and it enables the communists to act - it no longer matters if communism was better or not if the crony capitalists disguise their initiatives that align mostly with communism and get the people to buy into it.

Moreover, I personally believe that the spiritual war is rampant. That there are also supernatural forces that entice many in our nation to give up all faith and freedom for perceived safety and care by the government. They walk blindly into the snare and don't realize it until they're entangled with no hope for escape. I thought sure it was game over when BO was elected for his second term ... and that HilLIARy was certain to follow and continue the death march. That's why I believe election night was a supernatural miracle and am hopeful that there will be a state change that persists. Although, I will always believe that a nation that mocks even the existence of God, does so many things to destroy the family, and kills the unborn will never turn the corner. Until that changes, I have no hope that this nation will heal as a true and faithful Republic.

So that's my position at this point - the concept fits the observations but the hypothesis has little support in proof of it.  I plan to try and develop support over time or shift the position as I uncover conflicts. So much history to consider that have led up to current events and conditions.
Also, how in the world did she even make all that money? As a Senator, she earns approximately $174,000 per year.

Here's how:

Congress insiders: Above the law?

The same insider trading that can land a regular citizen in jail
is perfectly legal for members of Congress
- Watch "60 Minutes" on Sunday, Nov. 13 at 7 p.m. ET/PT

2011 Nov 11

And here's what the roaches did when the light was shined on them:

I suspect that they've still maintained some way to get around all that.
Yeah, they despise anyone richer than they are. It's not the money that angers her, it's that it came by way of Capitalism. :biggrin:

My way of looking at it is if you can make more money, more power to you. My complaint doesn't lie with people making money, it lies with people complaining about others making money, meanwhile they're raking it in themselves.

In other words, they're benefiting from the very system they're putting down.
It seems to me that FGM would already qualify as "felonious assault."

That's why your not a Dem.
Miscellaneous / Re: WTF?
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Looks like a good sport for congress.   :lol:
Yeah, only we, the constituents, get to drive, they get to try and escape. :biggrin:
When it's my time, it's my time.
God Yes!!! I sooo love the wisdom that comes with age and the ability to recognize when it's time to check out.
I've never understood the appeal of immortality or living more than 100 years, no thanks, when the eyes, ears, and mind/body are shutting down, it's time...
So you think money is a snake that slithers?
Yeah, they despise anyone richer than they are. It's not the money that angers her, it's that it came by way of Capitalism. :biggrin:
What does this post have to do with the original thread about the Secret Service?

Well, the IRS and the Secret Service are both in the Treasury Department...

The Marines have landed at the Secret Service, making it the fourth Marine Corps retired general to fill roles in his administration.

The Marine Corps is the only service that has only operational commands,
no procurement commands.   Less corruption, more character.
Stephen Colbert noted that one of the new national monuments
created in a flurry by the Obama administration
is the Bears' Ears National Monument in Utah,
and that it is noteworthy that Obama created a monument to ears.
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