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Muslim War Crimes Over Christians In Bosnia [18+]

Started by milos, November 26, 2013, 02:39:23 AM

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Quote from: milos on February 25, 2020, 04:26:39 PM
At each anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, here in Serbian Soros-controlled Marxist mass media, we are being bombarded with Bosnian Muslim mothers weeping and crying over their murdered children, telling us that we have committed a "genocide" over the Muslims and that we must be eternally guilty and ashamed of it. But when we try to present evidence of the Muslim crimes over the Christian Serbs, the same media label us as "extremist" and "fascist" and accuse us of "hate speech" towards the Muslims. I don't know have you ever seen a video footage of Bosnian Serb mothers weeping and crying over their Christian children tortured and murdered by the Srebrenica Muslims in 1992, three years before the Srebrenica massacre of 1995? Why is this forbidden in Serbian and World mass media? To me as a man, it is even awful to watch this, because it's a women's thing, but it is important to know about this.


Man, there are more and more Muslim migrant attacks in Serbia each month, and the situation can easily escalate by the spring, with the people deciding to take care of the situation by their own hands, and Soros will then say that "innocent Muslim migrants are defending themselves from extremist nationalist fascist Serb aggressors in Serbia". Monday night, in the center of Belgrade, two Muslim migrants have attacked a man with his wife and brother, stabbed him with a knife, beating them all, and kicking them while they were laying on the ground in a pile of blood. Luckily, everyone survived, and the neighbors chased and catched the migrants and called the police to arrest them. But the media reported this incident as a "street fight", not mentioning that Muslim migrants were the attackers.
Keep posting Milos, the world knows the truth, we just don't hear about because of leftist media worldwide.
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Declassified British papers: Serbs were right about Srebrenica provocations

Newly declassified documents show that the Bosnian Muslim Army had been gunning Serb positions for months prior to the recapture of the Srebrenica.

By Darko Dudić
Monday, 6 January 2020

The National Archives in Kew released the documents dating back 25 years on 31st December 2019. They deal with communiques between British military and political actors during the Bosnian war.

Several of the papers blame Bosnian Muslims for provoking the Srebrenica attack.

British intelligence doubted that Pale (Bosnian Serb headquarters) had any plans to overrun Srebrenica. Instead the manoeuvre came as a response due to repeated Muslim attacks on Bosnian Serb Army supply lines.

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Testimony by Jugoslav Petrušić at the UN court in Sarajevo in 2012 about the Srebrenica massacre of 1995. It was not a systematic presentation, so it may be confusing or boring a bit, but this is an official document.

The video footage is unfortunately of low resolution. The English translators were struggling to keep up with the pace, but most of the said was translated. If you have stereo speakers and want to hear just the English translation, you may switch the sound balance to the right speaker. On Windows 10 and my sound card, the path to do so is - Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Realtek HD Audio Manager - and then move the Balance slider of Main Volume to the right.





3/5 (from about 14th minute the sound was turned off so that some facts wouldn't be heard)





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The crime in Baščaršija as a trigger event of war in Bosnia

The crime in Baščaršija happened on March 1, 1992 in the midst of the Serbian wedding at Orthodox Church in Baščaršija, Sarajevo, when the pre-war criminal and member of the Muslim paramilitary unit "Green Berets", Ramiz Delalić aka Ćelo, shot to death the groom's father, Nikola Gardović, and wounded a priest of Serbian Orthodox Church, Radenko Mirović.

While the wedding group was entering the churchyard, white "Golf" automobile stopped near them, with the four criminals, among who was Ramiz Delalić aka Ćelo, in it. They got out of the car and attacked the groom's father, Nikola Gardović, who had a role of the Bridal Couple's Elder (Stari Svat) and the Standard- bearer of the Serbian Flag. Nikola Gardović was holding the Flag of the Serbian Orthodox Church (red-blue-white flag with the golden cross in the middle) and, consequently, he was attacked by Ramiz Delalić who wanted to take the flag from him, leading to the stirring in the crowd. Subsequently, Ramiz Delalić open the fire with gun, shooting Nikola Gardović, while his accomplice wounded a priest of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Radenko Mirović (the groom's brother-in law). After gunfire, the criminals escaped taking the Serbian Orthodox Flag with them which they burnt. Nikola Gardović died several minutes later in an emergency vehicle.

After beginning of the war in Sarajevo in 1992, in front of the City Hall, Radio-Television Sarajevo controlled by Muslim authorities, made a documentary about Ramiz Delalić in which he was presented as a hero. In this program Ramiz Delalić publicly confessed to murder of Nikola Gardović and stressed that it had been Muslim patriotic act.

As a reaction to this murder, armed Serbs raised barricades in Sarajevo and from March 1 to March 5, they raised barricades in other cities (Bosanski Šamac, Derventa...) Muslims controlled the centre of Sarajevo while Serbs controlled the rest of the city and hills around it.

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Propaganda in the Bosnian Muslim movie "Quo vadis, Aida" nominated for the Oscar.

The event when the Bosnian Muslim delegation from Srebrenica met with the Bosnian Serbs in 1995. First in the movie - Serb soldiers command the Muslim delegation to move faster, they search both Muslim men pushing them violently after, then a Serb soldier says "women are the most dangerous" and they also search the woman with touching her inappropriately, while intimidating UN soldiers and treating the Muslim delegation as prisoners. Then in the real footage - the Muslim delegation arrives, Serb soldiers search the two men, a Serb soldier says "women are the most dangerous" as a joke, the woman replies "I don't have anything on me", and they let her pass without a search.


Since the movie is nominated for the Oscar, it is good to know how it distorts the reality.
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