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Son Of Hamas Co-Founder Who Became A Christian Urges Israel To Kill

Started by Solar, May 23, 2021, 11:28:07 PM

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'Teach Them A Lesson': Son Of Hamas Co-Founder Who Became A Christian Urges Israel To Kill The Terror Group's Leaders

Hassan Yousef, the son of a Hamas group co-founder, urged Israel to assassinate leaders of the terror group after the Friday ceasefire to "teach them a lesson," The New York Post reported Saturday.

"Assassinating Hamas leadership will not destroy Hamas, but it will teach them a lesson," Yousef told the Post. "Next time, before you get civilians on both sides involved in a bloodbath, you need to think 1,000 times. This is my personal suggestion."

Mosab Hassan Yousef was raised to be a leader in the Palestinian terrorist organization but converted to Christianity and sought asylum in the United States after witnessing Hamas operatives torture and murder Israelis, according to the Post.

"Hundreds of children have paid the price. These type of people cannot get away with what they did. They should not feel safe for a day," he continued in the interview. "Hamas hates Israel more than they love their own children."

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