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Our new ally Iran. Acid in womens faces.

Started by dashvinny, November 01, 2014, 01:55:05 PM

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This is what we are fighting for? So Iranian ayatollahs can burn off the faces of women?

"In Iran's Isfahan province, protesters gathered in the streets late last month to decry a series of attacks in which women were badly burned with acid. The attackers are presumed to have used the Islamic principle of "enjoining good and forbidding wrong" as a pretense for the attacks, modeling their actions on those of Iran's Basij militias and Ansar e-Hezbollah.

During the protest, demonstrators chanted that Iran's acid attackers are more vicious than the Islamic State. They understand something that the Obama administration seems not to: A narrow focus on defeating and destroying the Islamic State does little to address the broader problem of militant fundamentalism in the Middle East. The protesters also understand something that the Iranian government won't acknowledge: It is complicit in these attacks, and its policy of empowering the most hard-line elements of society only encourages more of the same."