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Hiring Private Military Contractors to Combat the ISIS threat - Now a Reality

Started by AntiTerrorFund, June 12, 2015, 04:13:15 AM

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The AntiTerrorFund --- AntiTerrorFund.com --- was set up to Hire Private Military contractors to finally take the Fight to ISIS.  These scumbags will finally meet their match.  Please share the link with interested parties. 

For the first time, these ISIS cowards will face a new enemy.  An experienced, well trained, well coordinated fighting force led by professional American & European mercenaries with one goal; Dismantle, Distract and Disarm as many ISIS fighters as possible while regaining control of the region.     

Every passing day, scores of innocent men, women, and children are being raped, tortured and killed.  Experts, Analysts, Political figures on all sides, and the American public agree, that sending in troops is necessary to win this fight.   Our voices go unheard in Washington, and if our government is not willing to fight the fight, than it's up to us. 

Private military contractors will be used in the following roles:

    Support for the Iraqi army/freedom fighters as well as providing real time intelligence on enemy troop movements.  This includes combat and supportive roles.

    Holding positions that have been secured by the Iraqi army, making sure they do not fall back into enemy hands.

    Humanitarian aid to local the population affected by ISIS.

    Infrastructure Security (water, power, food, schools, hospitals, roads and bridges)

    Training for Iraqi troops and the local population in the use of anti insurgency techniques and strategy. 

If we can raise enough money to Save innocent lives and Disrupt, Distract, and Dismantle ISIS, we consider that a success.