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Geopolitical Shifts demand US response.

Started by Aristophanes, August 21, 2014, 04:55:44 AM

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World War I shaped the Western World and World War II shaped the Eastern World. The Korean War and the Vietnam war were only extensions in the Eastern World that were initiated by the ideological changes beginning before World War II and the political changes that transformed Asia after World War II. Now however, World War II is no longer the defining force in the world. Japan is getting its own military, China is becoming a superpower, and Russian development into a capitalist nation has more or less reached its peak and military expansionism has reawakened. If you look at the history of Russia and the values of commerce and trade, especially during the reign of Peter (sometimes referred to as Peter the 'great') you will see that Communism was largely an unusual blip in the otherwise continuous history of the Russian people. And if you look to Asian history you will see China as a strong power and technological leader, with the one fatal flaw of being culturally introverted. I see a rise in Chinese and Russian interests as they return to traditionalist values and the successes that those generate. European ownership of nuclear technology obsoletes are need for a direct military presence in Europe. These are all close allies and our withdrawal would not only save money but might also garner favor in a hostile diplomatic environment caused by our continuous espionage of our western allies. As we are for the moment close economic partners with China, I see no reason to continue a military presence in South Korea, and since Japan is gaining its own military strength I see no reason to limit our presence in Japan to Okinawa. These troops can all be moved to the middle east where they can be held in anticipation of movement against Israel. It is the tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran that should be the most focused upon right now. And these tensions cannot be discussed without also mentioning Israel. The unstable dynamic between Arabia and Iran might should be left to its own devices if not for the presence of Israel. Therefore I believe that we should discontinue military aid to all foreign elements excepting Israel and Western Europe. Anything less could be seen as unneeded favoritism. The only favoritism we need is the one concerning our closest allies: Britain and Israel. If Iran and Arabia ever united against Israel, as long as we could hold them off in a war of attrition their alliance would inevitably fail. And this would give us pretext for occupying several key areas in the middle east. Direct American colonies in oil rich areas, allied closely with Israel, with heavy taxes on any non Jewish and non Christian citizens, yet at the same time allowing for full religious tolerance (yes, even within Israel), would be the best way to establish a modern 'Antioch' in the ancient crusader states and the modern oil states. These lands have only ever been truly unified under Caliphates, and none have ever been exceptionally stable. Therefore it is these lands that are the most prime for US influence. They are the 'Middle Eastern Wilderness' that we may explore and plunder, given the right context. In other words, ignore Ukraine, ignore Korea, ignore Japan, make economic alliances wherever possible and form human aid wherever possible, but send all excess military power not into the hands of Syrian Rebels, African rebels, Asian leadership, or European leadership, but focus everything into ties with Israel, Egypt, and future American colonies within the oil rich middle east.


Ever heard of paragraph-breaks, for clarity? Or are you too proud to be cogent?


Quote from: quiller on August 24, 2014, 09:13:41 AM
Ever heard of paragraph-breaks, for clarity? Or are you too proud to be cogent?

It may still be mastering the SHIFT key.
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All I got from that was American colonies in the middle east, I guess it could work if you nuked the entire region and waited 20 years first.


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Quote from: Mountainshield on August 24, 2014, 08:43:56 PM
All I got from that was American colonies in the middle east, I guess it could work if you nuked the entire region and waited 20 years first.

The Middle East has a long history of British and US control. More-so British control, in between the dissolution of the Ottoman empire (1918) and the dissolution of the British empire (1945).

While many Islamic nations may use 'Israel' as a popular talking point, the only people that 'really' care about the situation are current and former Palestinian Muslims.

What I would formally propose is a re-introduction of "Spheres of Influence" within the middle east between US, Britain/EU, and Russia. Britain can have Israel within its sphere quite honestly, because of its history with the region, however it is quite possible that Britain/EU has little will or power to establish a sphere in the middle east. Therefore it might just have to be split between Russia and United States.

Syria has historically been under Russian influence, however I would argue to move it into the British/US sphere in exchange to move US bases from Turkey into either Iraq, Jordan, or Arabia. The Russian sphere would primarily consist of Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Iran has had bitter feelings for the US ever since the CIA helped to organize a coup that led to the reestablishment of the power of the Shah. Regardless of whether the CIA had any impact on the result, the fact of US participation led to some hard feelings within the populace. Therefore it would be impractical for the US to have any hand in Iran for quite some few generations. While US participation in Iraq has been more severe, the fanatical ISIS is a good pretext for establishing our Sphere starting with Iraq and Syria. We would only need to do some deft diplomacy with Russia in order to ease the Syrian take over. Preferably this would involve moving US bases out of Turkey.

Israel should become a protectorate or join a Sphere of Influence as an equal partner to its Muslim neighbors, however all regions should be secularized. Each local town should be given the self-authority to either remain traditional or to join modern society, whereas all major cities (as judged by the UN) should be required to be held to the same standards of liberty and freedom as the US and Western Europe.

        Saudi Arabia would like to keep its independence, and only if all Peninsular nations comply with stopping funding of all subversive groups that operate within Mesopotamia and Canaan should Arabia be allowed exemption from further US interference. As long as Egypt remains an eager US ally it shall easily retain its independence.