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Don't dare let Afghanistan's crooked leader disrespect our armed forces

Started by Avartis, December 18, 2013, 04:50:46 AM

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Karzai has gone to great lengths to undo the near-mortal blows struck to the Taliban by the firepower of the US, the UK and NATO by navigating a policy of sheer appeasement. There are too many ways to mention here; but how about a few?

How about supporting a Islamist "code of conduct" for women proposed by the Ulema council in 2012, which proposes giving men license to beat their wives? Or how about in April of this year, when Karzai gave permission to Mullah Omar, the previous head of the Taliban from 1996 to 2001, to run for public office once more, which then led to at least 50 people being murdered as a method of voter coercion?

Or how, just two days ago, Karzai let himself be walked over by the Islamist factions of the Lower House of the Afghan Parliament who rejected calls for Hindu seats among their number, in a bid to increase minority representation?

The list is staggering, and no means exclusive to these examples. To read the rest of the article in full, click on the link:


BTW, what applies to Britain, of course applies to our great allies in the U.S. I'm just incensed by what this fool Karzai is saying about all of us, especially our brave soldiers :mad:


He knows Obozo is about to sell him out to the Taliban, so he's attempting to make the best deal he can.
"LIBERALS: their willful ignorance is rivaled only by their catastrophic stupidity"!