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Army secretary, Defense secretary renaming installations named for Confederates

Started by Solar, June 08, 2020, 09:43:42 PM

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This is rich!!!
Talk about stealing the narrative? Trump just used one of the Dims oldest plays in the book. Threaten to do something and the RINO always compromised, now Trump is doing the very same thing, he just seized the narrative and has the Dims on the defensive.

How many decades did we see the GOP fall for this same shit, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, as if the GOP was in on it, and most likely were.

No, they probably won't, but if they try and bluff Trump, he will do it! :thumbsup:

Army secretary, Defense secretary 'open' to renaming installations named after Confederates

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy is now "open" to renaming the service's 10 bases and facilities that are named after Confederate leaders, an Army spokesperson told POLITICO, in a reversal of the service's previous position.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper also supports the discussion, the spokesperson said.

"The Secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Army are open to a bi-partisan discussion on the topic," Army spokesperson Col. Sunset Belinsky said in a statement Monday.

The recent uproar over the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police drove McCarthy's reversal, one Army official said.

The events of the past two weeks "made us start looking more at ourselves and the things that we do and how that is communicated to the force as well as the American public," the official said.

As recently as February, the Army said the service had no plans to rename the facilities, following the Marine Corps' announcement that it would ban images of Confederate flags from its installations.

An Army spokesperson told Task & Purpose in February that the Army has a "tradition" of naming installations and streets after "historical figures of military significance," including both Union and Confederate leaders.

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