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Army officer wants 'more average looking women' in public affairs materials

Started by walkstall, November 23, 2013, 05:29:29 AM

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How to lose your job with one e-mail. 

Col. Lynette Arnhart thought Cpl. Kristine Tejada looked too good in a magazine article photo, but members of the House Armed Services Committee slammed her comments as 'backward.'

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Much ado about nothing.
If they really want to appeal to the woman that might consider military service, then show them at the end of the day, all worn out, covered in dirt, indistinguishable from man.
That's what they're in for, so just show the truth.
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Ek Ehecatl

I went to Navy Boot camp at Orlando, where the women go. I remember the first day, mega hangover and seeing a company of "Waves" march by, my first thought was My God where did they find all those ugly women???  :woot:

By the time workweek came around I couldn't believe how damn gorgeous they had all became... :wub: :wub: :love: thank goodness for gearlockers..... :thumbup:
The USA is fast becoming "The Land of the Fleeced and the home of de-praved"....
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I'm old enough to remember, when every women in a commercial - even for household products - was a beauty queen. Mopping the floor in high heels and makeup. Yeah - right! Eventually it dawned on them to have the women in commercials resemble the women they were trying to sell the products to.
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