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Another Korean Missile launch FLOP...?

Started by Hoofer, April 06, 2017, 01:53:58 AM

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Quick read - all speculation, maybe the USA has something to do with the recent Korean Launch failures.

Just thinking, what a perfect opportunity to "test" emerging technologies, at minimal expense!

Like a bunch of guys all hanging around with Shot Guns and a Clay Pigeon thrower, arguing over who gets to take -out- the next missile...    Translated to weapons experts, "OK, we know they're gonna launch one...  who goes first?

Laser weapons guy raises his hand, "Me, Me, Me!"
Hyper-sonic guy, "you got the LAST one, before my 'dart' got there - I go first next time!"
Rail Gun guy, "Yea!  You guys gotta let it get to the horizon, so I can get a chance at it - quit cheating!!"
Software/Maleware guy... trying to pretend he isn't in the room, until someone notices him, "HEY!!!   Don't start that crap, I waited and waited - this one is on the Fat Guy, my infection doesn't kick in for another 30 seconds...!"

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