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After Eight Years Military Casualties Are Front Page News Again

Started by Bronx, January 29, 2017, 01:26:35 AM

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The media is the devils playground. I'm with the writer that responded to the NY Times article. I have no problem when an American Hero is killed in action to be reported by the media but to make a political statement of his death is a crying damn shame. To honor such a hero is respect but to make a political statement is dirty pool which should be followed by an ass whipping.

After Eight Years Military Casualties Are Front Page News Again

I'm not opposed to military casualties being given front page billing. If you get killed in the service of your nation the least you have a right to expect is some acknowledgement of your sacrifice. And in a society based on democratic principles, the public, acting through its elected representatives, has the right and the duty to decide whether our policy goals are worth the lives of the young men and women we send off to accomplish those goals. What I am opposed to is the media using military casualties as a cudgel to beat Republican presidents while failing to acknowledge that they even happen when a Democrat is in the the White House.


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