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Popcorn: Omar vs. Biden on Border Crisis; the “Real Threat” at the Border

Started by GaryBai, April 07, 2021, 06:56:06 AM

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Popcorn: Omar vs. Biden on Border Crisis; the "Real Threat" at the Border

Youmaker video link:


  • Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar called Biden Admin's plans for continuing construction of the border wall "shameful and unacceptable"
  • This likely has to do with a leaked memo revealing Mayorkas's plan of "filling in the gaps" at the border wall
  • This is likely to escalate as it was just revealed that Mayorkas also intends to continue some of President Trump's immigration policies, including maintaining the use of ICE and prosecuting illegal immigrants
  • But the real threat, as pointed out by Fox News's Sara Carter and Minority Whip Steve Scalise, has to do with the prospect of terrorists utilizing the opportunity of the southern border to come into America
  • This threat may be exploited by hostile foreign powers like the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In 2016, a CCP advisor made a speech that noted one of the CCP's strategies against the US is to foster "external enemies" for the US to keep it occupied. One of the types of enemies he listed was terrorism.

(Taking baby steps on the public speaking part lol)