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Welcome Thread for New Members

Started by walkstall, March 02, 2012, 01:41:45 PM

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Gooood Mornin' CoN_ServA-Tives!  (think Robin Williams)

First, my thanks to that peachy person in Atlanta who let me in.   :smile:

The thing about being here is it almost has a calming affect to see and read so many like minded people.

Minds rooted in and based on the realities of life and living.  As Samuel Johnson said:  "Hell is paved with good intentions".

The Kum ba yah crowd are paving the way straight to the front gates of their domain.

The thoughts and points of view displayed here are encouraging and are a source of information and enlightenment.

BRAVO!  Take a bow one and all.

(A warning to gun-grabbers: even if I'm dead my finger will be on the trigger)



@WalterEgo I meant to welcome you earlier and to tell you that your username is awesome!   :smile:


Welcome Walter, glad you reached out to join our group. :thumbup:
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American Exceptionalism

Quote from: sataspa on June 04, 2021, 01:43:19 PMOlder NJ male conservative, just brought in "through the back door". Thanks for the consideration.

What part of NJ?