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How to be a rebel in 2021.....

Started by Solars Toy, March 24, 2021, 04:54:44 AM

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Solars Toy

Saw this and just wanted to share...  Toy

How to be a rebel in 2021
-Value sobriety
-Get married ...slowly.
-Have kids and homeschool them
-Go to church
-Get rid of cable TV
-Realize newspapers are best for the bottom of bird and rabbit cages
-Eliminate or at least minimize sugar
-Eat more meat
-Eat less processed food
-Don't watch "the news"
-Vote values, not party.
-Have your furniture facing each other, not a TV
-Say grace before meals
-Get 7-9 hours of sleep
-Read more than watch
-Alternate fiction and nonfiction
-Laugh at modernity, embrace tradition
-Men embrace masculinity
-Women embrace femininity
-Limit social media (TY Shazia)
I pray, not wish because I have a God not a Genie.