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September 20, 2021, 06:53:10 AM

Good Government, Bad Government

Started by Mountainshield, October 26, 2014, 07:53:34 PM

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To honor this part of the description of this Category "and how liberals are ignoring it." I want to present this article by good'ol Francis Fukuyama, though it should almost be in the Joke section as you keep reading through the article.

Good Government, Bad Government

Fortuitous historical sequencing in political development is one of the keys to good government.

It's a very well written article, but it is hilarious how Fukuyama keeps dancing around the central issue, the one factor that is evident in every case to produce a good government, he mentions rule of law, property rights and low taxes a few times but only as non-universal exceptional traits limited to US and Britain completely disregarding that these are the attributes of Denmark, Norway to Germany and all good western governments and trying to argue that they are not causal factors for good government.

Not sure if I should spoil the fun, he makes several ludicrous argument trying desperately to explain good government without mentioning fundamental respect for liberty based constitution.

Fukuyama, as some of you know is the guy who wrote Clash of Civilizations and then redacted it after being hammered by his liberal friends. His prediction kind of seem to becoming true now though, who woulda thought liberals can't control reality with rhetoric?...