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September 17, 2021, 11:55:44 PM

Communication System(s)

Started by WalterEgo, September 09, 2021, 11:07:28 PM

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I'm trying to figure out the best means / form of communicating with other people, not if but when, the tree of liberty will need watering.

I have a CB radio from days gone by but doubt it would be a reliable means of communicating to get info from other patriots.  If we can't get current news/info of the day that is obviously a hurdle.

Was wondering if a shortwave radio would fill that void.  Not for sending but just receiving.  Any info on name brand or technical pros /cons will be helpful.

Another thought.  Using battery operated (hand-held) walkie-talkie for short range exchanges.  Battery chargers, extra batteries, etc.

Your thoughts an ideas please.

At my age I don't fear the future for me, but rather for my grandchildren and the other young members of my family.

Ok, now for some weaponry info.  S&W ar15---looking to put scope on it.  What kind, model is best suited to the ar15.  Last year bought Ruger 9mm carbine.  It's too short for a full scope but have seen some optics that will fit it.  Your experience and expertise will be appreciated.



CB may be making a come back. Son-in-law just installed one in his truck.

Have you seen this series of articles. https://survivalblog.com/

Me Im a ham. Have an old "DC to DAYLIGHT" Yaesu FT100.

Don't do scopes.
I dream of the day a chicken can cross the road with out it's motives being questioned.


Shop around, I paid $49.00 last year. And these are probably the strongest walkie talkies on the mkt.
I've paid good money for the so called 75 miler in the past, but they're crap in comparison. This thing is legal as a walkie, but if you want the Ham side, you'll need a license.

This thing is crystal clear, better than a cell ph, I talked to the wife 17 miles away here in the mountains, and it sounded excellent.
If SHTF, the Ham side will probably go down eventually anyway because of lack of grid support, besides, in an emergency, who is going to arrest you? :biggrin:

Get it while you still can, I bought two, just lost one, so I'm going to buy a couple more just in case.

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