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September 20, 2021, 06:00:57 AM

'Tis the season to buy tins!

Started by je_freedom, December 18, 2015, 11:57:33 AM

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NOW is the time to be buying tins!
(Okay, December 26 is better.  You can get them half price.)
But if you wait any longer, they'll be sold out!

Tins are very useful for storing electronic devices -
- to protect them from EMP!
ElectroMagnetic Pulse will permanently destroy any electronic devices
that are not stored inside a tight metal container.
Why this is important is explained in:

Okay, much of the functionality of your devices would still be gone,
because the power grid, the phone system (including cell phones),
the internet, and most broadcast stations would also be gone.

But still, if you have your devices stored safely,
you'd still be able to access data that you've already downloaded.

Plus, some broadcasting stations might have backup transmitters.
Also, some amateur radio operators would have usable transmitters,
because some of the 700,000 of them are keeping backup equipment stored safely.

So be sure to keep a shortwave receiver in a metal container!

When you buy tins, be sure to get ones that are ALL metal!
No plastic "tins" or tins with plastic windows!
(Plastic windows can be covered with aluminum tape
available at most auto parts stores.
Be sure to overlap by at least a half inch.
But all metal is still better.)

The lid should fit tightly.
It doesn't have to be airtight,
but air should leak in and out slowly, not easily.

Larger items can be stored in a metal garbage can, with a metal lid.
(Preferably new and clean.)
Again, the lid should fit tightly.

Of course, you should already have some sort of generator on hand,
to power any electrical devices you'll want to use after the SHTF.

Something else that can be used to store electronic devices is
an old refrigerator.

The weak link would be the rubber gasket that seals the door.
That can be covered with aluminum tape (from the auto parts store.)

If the fridge is of the type that blows cold air into the compartment,
odds are that the air is recirculated from inside the fridge.
So you would not have to cover the vents with aluminum tape.
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