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Libs, Cons, Humanism and Gender Equality

Started by Steel Shark, April 13, 2021, 11:07:42 PM

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Steel Shark

Politics takes this to the wrong stage every time.   100%.

Those who back the constitution are conservative .... those who lean toward government are liberal.

From a purely encyclopedic stance, those who back the constitution, as written are liberal.  Simply, if you choose to support that every life matters and that each person demands the same value, then liberal be you.

Conservative is a document based (religious, political, etc) based term keeping you tied to that document.  Martin Luther King was deemed liberal based on his thoughts on the Catholic religion, for example.  Orthodox is often used on the religious side to counter that conservative logo.

From the humanist stand, I see liberals backing the constitution, breaking away from England.  Liberals dumped the ship, stood with gun in hand waiting for the return salvo ... and when it came, knocked those brave British to the ground. 

For those who think every colonist was locked and loaded .... well, only those liberals willing to fight the long haul did so ... but you do not have to beat a bully, you only have to stand up.

Over the years, those patriots have become "conservative".

Switch back to the sports arena, where years after men's sports dominated, female "liberals" decided that women deserved the same.  The same 3% fought and won.

Now, transgender sports wants part of the action.  Faux-Females in Connecticut are winning events and setting records.  The gender born females cannot compete.

On the pro side, Megan Rapinoe wants equal pay because she does the same thing male soccer athletes do ... at lesser pay.  The man sided end of the sport, much more watched, much more revenue ... the men get paid more.  Sorry Megan.   

Socialists cannot have it both ways.  The 10,000 non starters in men's pro soccer would put Megan Rapinoe out of work should they decide they are females.  Then the LBGTQ community will cry for equal pay.

From a humanist stand, you are born who you are born.  Bobby Riggs should not deprive Maria Sharipova.

From a political stand, play hard and understand that there are only liberals (branded as conservatives) demanding to live outside government influence and socialists (branded liberals) who demand government influence and cannot live without some working man or woman supporting their existence.

Rambling ......

Steel Shark

Call them 2%, call them 3%.  They are correct.

It never takes a majority. 

It always takes those whose actions matter more than their words, and in today's society, their ability to type, skype or tweet.