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Cincinnati bar won't put on NBA games until LeBron James is 'expelled'

Started by Sick Of Silence, April 24, 2021, 12:20:42 PM

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Sick Of Silence


QuoteThe owner of a West Side Cincinnati area bar refuses to show NBA games on television anymore over statements LeBron James made about a fatal police shooting of a teen in Columbus.

The games can go back on the TVs at Linne's Pub in Delhi Township when James is "expelled" from the league, said bar owner Jay Linneman.

Linneman, who announced the no NBA games on TV policy in a Facebook post, said he is tired of all athletes' statements.

"They just need to play the game and that's it," he said. "Their opinion doesn't really matter. They're using their position to push their opinions, and that's just not right."

They need to go further. The league has to change their ways.
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