I think I forgot one important point about off grid living

Started by Solar, January 22, 2023, 02:20:57 PM

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Your taxes are in essence dirt cheap.
Never tell the county what you're doing, never ever pull a permit, EVER!
If you can, go propane, stay off all of the grid, including gas and water hookups. Buy a 500 gallon propane tak, that way you own it and there's no record of an installation.

In some counties, taxes are as low as $30. a year in Idaho, Arkansas on 100 acres plus, less than $100.0 yearly.
But once you improve the land beyond what's considered raw land, they start nailing you for every little thing.
Oh, and if you can avoid it, don't buy land with a road that connects to a county road, they'll stick you accordingly.

Here in Ca, I pay $500.0+ a year for raw land, but if I had gotten power to my place, I'd be paying close to $3000,0 a year in taxes and that's on ten acres. Yes, Ca SUCKS Big Time!!!

So if you're going to buy raw land, make sure you avoid pulling permits at all costs.
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