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Scammer scamming using a gun store's name

Started by Sick Of Silence, September 14, 2021, 02:59:41 AM

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Sick Of Silence


QuoteSimon < simondickens281 @ gmail . com>

Dear Customer,

An amount of $449.99* has been send by Norco Armory.

Please contact with our helpdesk department at + (Toll Free).

If you have any Query regarding this order.

Please check the details of the order below.

Item      Quantity              Rate       Amount

1-Norco Armory             1             $449.99               $449.99

Subtotal               $449.99

Tax        0

Total     $449.99


On your PayPal Statement, the amount will be appeared as "Norco Armory".

Issue with this transaction?

If you have any complaint regarding the order, Please contact our resolution department immediately to file a dispute against the order. Make  sure to keep the invoice id handy for self-assistance.



Support Team

Normally, I forward it to the appropriate people that applies to the scam. Some people have a fraud reporting email.

This is different. They a screwing with a small business that specializes in the 2nd Amendment.
Social Media are multi-national billion dollar corporations with foreign investors that are going unchecked with the power to effect our election process.

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The entire thing is a grammatical case of WTF?
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