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The Truth About Fascism

Started by je_freedom, November 13, 2021, 12:57:37 PM

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The normal definition of fascism is
    an economic system where the means of production
    are privately owned, but collectively controlled.

99% of the idiots in the street protesting "against fascism"
have never heard of this definition,
and if they ever would see or hear it,
they would not comprehend it.

Those idiots are actually rabid SUPPORTERS of fascism!
They are the sort of "useful idiots" that people like Stalin used to put himself in power.

They are brainwashed minions, programmed by the
"education" system, and the "news" and "entertainment" media,
both of which are corrupted by
the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE that largely rules the world.

The main difference between today's fascism and
the fascism that once ruled Italy and Germany is,
those fascisms were national, where today's fascism is GLOBAL.

A large share of the world economy is owned by a GLOBAL CORPORATE COLLECTIVE.
Much of the world's economy is owned by GLOBAL corporations,
which are controlled COLLECTIVELY,

Most of the global corporations are controlled by boards of directors,
where each director is on the board of SEVERAL CORPORATIONS.

The policies of each corporation are dictated by
NOT by their own board, as if it could act independently.

What are the policies of the GLOBAL CORPORATE COLLECTIVE?
They can be easily seen in the TV programming that they sponsor.
The TV networks shape the "news" and "entertainment"
to reflect the views of the companies that pay for the advertising on those networks.

The TV networks do NOT serve the viewers!
They serve the people who give them money!
They are the propaganda mouthpieces of the global corporate collective!

The global corporations are NOT "caving to woke ideology."
The global corporations are DRIVING the woke ideology!

Everything about "wokeism" is designed to
make everyone see themselves as part of some group,
never as individuals.
Groups can be pitted against one another.
They oppress one another.
They do the global masters' oppressing for them!

Today's brainwashed minions are much like the people
Etienne de la Boetie wrote about in the 1500s.
It's not so much that they lost their freedom,

Whatever causes are supported by
the "mainstream" corporate, fascist media
are suspect, just due to the fact of who is supporting the cause!

They are (not so) gradually reshaping the world into a condition of
"socialism and poverty for the masses,
capitalism and fabulous wealth for the rulers."

THAT is the truth about fascism in the world today!
Here are the 10 RINOs who voted to impeach Trump on Jan. 13, 2021 - NEVER forget!
WY  Liz Cheney      SC 7  Tom Rice             WA 4  Dan Newhouse    IL 16  Adam Kinzinger    OH 16  Anthony Gonzalez
MI 6  Fred Upton    WA 3  Jaime Herrera Beutler    MI 3  Peter Meijer       NY 24  John Katko       CA 21  David Valadao


Quote from: je_freedom on November 13, 2021, 12:57:37 PMThe global corporations are NOT "caving to woke ideology."
The global corporations are DRIVING the woke ideology!
An example of this is Jeff Bezos of Amazon buying the Washington Post and using it to promote antifa. Also notice that antifa only pushes what the corporate media wants. I never see antifa protesting in support of Assange, Nicaragua, or unions.

Antifa is funded by billionaires like Tom Steyer.

T Hunt

One of the big lies the left has been pushing for along time is that fascism is in any way a right wing ideology. It couldnt be further from what our founders wanted, which is what defines right wing ideology. Fascism, like every other form of tyranny, is just another form of leftism, which has been around since ancient history.