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The Sussmann indictment and the Alfa Bank saga: A focused timeline

Started by taxed, October 07, 2021, 09:38:19 AM

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Great article from J.E. Dyer's (from Liberty Unyielding, who closed its doors this week):


QuoteTwenty-nine applications in one month is not a small or inconsequential number of applications.  Keep in mind, this was still in Donald Trump's presidency.  What readers think they may have done to clean out the Augean stable of D.C. bureaucracy, even Trump was not able to achieve, more than three years into his term.  It's always useful to remember how much of the D.C. "establishment" was pulling against him the entire time he was in office.  FBI officials who ignored or gun-decked the Woods Procedures, as a slew of them did in 2016 under Obama, were likely to be prominent among them.

This timely observation from Solomon is by way of introducing a focused timeline that I hope will illuminate how very widespread and entrenched the scope of what John Durham has been investigating will turn out to be.


Just throwing this out there. They speak of Statute of Limitations, but keep in mind, much of this involves the Clintons with a huge body count, of which there is no statute of limitations
So keep in mind, when people start pulling CYA, just how many will turn States evidence, and turn on the Clinton machine?

This thing is huge and once the shit is spread wide, there's no coming back from the stench.
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