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November 30, 2021, 12:34:57 PM

We're Back!!!

Started by Solar, Today at 10:22:18 AM

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We're back. Here's what happened.
I closed my B of A account after 30 years in business, I'd had enough of their bull shit.
Unfotuately I forgot that auto pay came out of that account ad they neglected to inform us that payment was due.
I won't go into details as to the idioocy coming from their tek support ever since, or we'd have been back up immediately.
God knows this drove us nuts. So welcome back.
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Thanks for  the  hard work.


Yes, thank you. Really missed you guys.
I dream of the day a chicken can cross the road with out it's motives being questioned.


Must be the season....lol    I am/was a Branch Bank & Trust account holder. In November they completed their side of the merger with SunTrust, creating Truist Bank. All fine, I got new bank card (it was due)
all pretty and such with Truist Bank on it, instead of BB&T, Cool.  I had several autodraw accounts,
particularly my cable, I forgot to update new name, and expiration date.  I was rusning around like
a mad hatter for a day or two....got it all fixed.

My thoughts are you got yourself free of B of A, I sure hope you didn't go with Chase...that's like
jumping from the frying pan, into the fire.