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Sydney Powell Is Still Working On Election Fraud

Started by Solar, February 28, 2021, 12:01:51 PM

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Quote from: Frenchconnection on March 01, 2021, 07:43:25 AM
First, you were prophetic, 10 posts is all it took for him/her.

Second, I'm in my 50s and I don't remember a time when retard was used as a reference to an actual handicapped person.  Ever since I was quite young the word retard meant the person was stupid in their actions, not really severely (medically speaking) dumb.  I guess I get confused when people get upset at its usage. 

To your daughter I will say, "rock on sister, we got your back".  You just let her know that she has a whole group of bad ass uncles from all over the nation that will kick some ass on her behalf.
Thanx for the encouragement.
When I was younger, and I am quite a bit older than you, Mentally Retarded was a Medical Diagnosis.  Just like a lot of terms, it met with adverse people who used terms like "Short Bus" , "Daft", "Imbecile", etc., and it became another slur to describe those NOT pervasively disabled.  As thus, the Bastardization of the Medical Diagnosis.
We appreciate your support and wish more Americans took this disability seriously.
My daughter, while autistic, is not dumb.  She graduated 55 in a class of 400.  She taught herself to read when she was 2 1/2, and learned sign language, for fun, by age 10.  She also at age 32, speaks fluent Japanese.  She reads over 1000 words per minute, and is a computer expert.  She is just short of an Associates Science degree. 
But, she struggles socially, and publicly.  Sometimes it takes her much longer to become proficient at certain chores, like driving a car.  She suffers from clinical Depression and Anxiety.  And, she stresses about less meaningful struggles like Food Choices, and other habits.
But, she improves every year.  My prayer to God is that He let me live until she can live on her own.  She'll inherit a house that is paid for, and any wealth we have left when we die.  I just hope I can find her some friends that will outlast me and her mother.
Thanx, again.