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Black suspect In twin cities suburb shot while resisting

Started by Mimsy, April 12, 2021, 05:16:53 AM

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Quote from: p1tchblack on April 16, 2021, 05:29:27 AM
Not at all.  I'm not saying these two situations are comparable at all.  I was just curious if there's any acknowledgement of an unacceptable police shooting and this happened to be the one that came to mind.
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Quote from: Possum on April 16, 2021, 02:12:03 AM
Again, you are putting all the responsibility for the outcome on the police. It was not the police that made the suspect turn and run, try to get into the car, and try to either escape or to use a weapon. That is all on the suspect. It is the police who is risking his life to do a job, the suspect chooses to risk his life by committing the crime.  Answer this, had the suspect cooperated with the police, would he be alive today?

That is what all the liberals do as part of their "argument" to muzzle, defund, neuter and silence law enforcement. Liberal Democrats never see the criminal as at fault, it is always law enforcement. Innocent civilians are never supposed to defend themselves, I guess they are just supposed to roll over and allow the criminal to steal, assault, rape or murder them. If the criminal is killed in the process, it is the officer's fault. If the officer is killed, it is still her/his fault because they should have "prevented" it, it is a no win situation as far as Democrats are concerned.

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Quote from: Mimsy on April 16, 2021, 05:33:28 AM
Democrats really wont be happy until criminals have total free reign over society and law abiding citizens are disarmed and defenseless against their poor little pet criminals. Democrats pretend they care sooooo much about "certain" peoples lives while dancing gleefully on mountains of aborted babies. but boo hoo for the poor little career criminals that make society a living hell for normal people.

These are just two of the reasons I despise Democrats! :cursing:

Absolutely.  Libtards/leftist/marxist/reprobates all of which move through life without a care.  They got participation trophies for showing up.  The self esteem was always pampered.  But they never lived in the real world.  Then they get on the receiving end of a crime and all of a sudden they can now see the picture, well not all of them, but many.  Until then they "feel" like all lives matter.  Yet let one of them get robbed, raped or assaulted and they will demand answers, "why is that animal not locked up?".  Well, because good intentioned libtards like you thought the police were being mean so we just let the criminals back out on the street.  Look at Portlandia, burn, loot and assault, get arrested, again, sign the paper work and back out on the street they go to do it again the next night.

So my money is on law enforcement, if they shoot a career criminal, oh well, sucks to be a thug I guess.  But as is the case with navel gazers a police gives up his right to life when he puts on a badge.  No, that officer has the same right to return home safe from work.  Law enforcement know the scum bags.  It's really easy to tell when a rabid dog needs to be put down before it can bite someone else.

In some families with generations all living in the same projects, the spawn of these animals have no value to society.  But as a victim of "police brutality" the worthless career thug can be worth millions to the family dead.  Didn't the family of that worthless bum Floyd get like 25 million?  That's good money for a career thug, in fact, I'd say he was over valued by about 25 million.

When you consider the fact that this idiot in Brooklyn Center got shot, he really needed it.  Talk about stupid.  Where in the hell did he think he was going to run to?  With his girlfriend in the car?  Trust me, the stupid bastard is better off dead, he doesn't have to re learn how to tie his shoes every morning now.

I was robbed by one of these career thugs, a guy I knew since the 6th grade who lived right next door.  His career ended in a shoot out with the CA highway patrol some years back, he's now doing life in Folsom.  Had he been put down many years earlier it could have spared a lot of victims.  Self esteem does not cure thug life, only death.