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Woman who sued deputy for on-duty baptism in exchange for leniency has died

Started by Solar, April 20, 2022, 12:29:58 AM

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Question. Is she still saved regardless of the fact she not only rejected his offer of repent, but sued him as well.
Just curious how Christians might view this. She did after all, reject Christ in the end.

I've been following this story, didn't really know what to think of it.
Odd that a cop would see fit take the approach he did.

But now that she's dead, it would appear that he was literally trying to not only save her life, but saw baptism as her last chance.
Now she most likely died from an overdose.

A woman who said a deputy from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office promised leniency if she allowed him to baptize her has died. However, her case is not over, according to her attorney.

Deputies were called to a home on Log Cabin Lane in Soddy-Daisy, Tenn. last Wednesday. Upon arrival they discovered Shandle Riley dead, Local 3 News reported.

"Hamilton County deputies initially responding to a call last night requested to recuse their agency from the investigation," a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said on Thursday. "District Attorney General Neal Pinkston requested TBI agents investigate the death of Shandle Marie Riley."

Authorities did not disclose a cause of death and autopsy results are pending. She was reportedly scheduled to appear in court on Monday for drug charges.

Although she has passed away, her attorney Robin Flores said her lawsuit is still viable

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T Hunt

Well, reading the article, a couple of things are obvious to me right away.

1)This officer is nutzo. He is also being charged with a slew of other things from rape to being in his underwear when he did the 'baptism', if it really was a baptism and not just some sexual thing this freak was doing.

2)This whole incident isnt really about religion, yet, the left clearly wants to use this to go after religion and that lawyer wants to be paid even tho the chick is dead so is pushing this forward anyhow.

As for her soul, only God can see her heart, but her actions dont speak well for the state of her heart. But drug users can still have a repentant soul, even if they are unable to ever kick their kicks.