Orthodox Montanika 2023

Started by milos, April 15, 2023, 01:59:16 AM

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Great opportunity to meet with small but important Eastern Orthodox Christian community in America.

Pan Orthodox Conference
"Seek First the Kingdom of God"

June 7th – June 11th 2023
Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church
Butte, Montana

Orthodox MontaNika was formed by Fr. Deacon Ananias in August, 2021 to officially announce the launch his Orthodox Online Ministry known as Patristic Faith, as well as showing people the beauties of Montana and the potential for Orthodox growth and missions within this amazing state.

This year's conference theme is "Seek First the Kingdom of God," which is designed to help attendees better understand what it means to prioritize the holy things in one's life and how to live an Orthodox life of fellowship, communication, cohesion, camaraderie, coordination, and unity in Christ amidst the challenges of life. We have an even more amazing line up of speakers this year, including our own Bishop Maxim as this year's key note speaker. Each speaker will be presenting talks on what it means to "seek first the kingdom of God."


Open Panel: Orthodox MontaNIKA 2023 with Fr. Dcn. Dr. Ananias

One Christ. One Body of Christ. One Eucharist. One Church.