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The Resistance Library Podcast: The History of the Gonzales Flag

Started by ammodotcom, September 29, 2021, 03:24:12 PM

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On this episode of the Resistance Library podcast, Sam and Dave discuss the forgotten history of the Gonzales flag. "Come and Take It." It's a slogan of defiance against government tyranny with roots in antiquity that continues to inspire freedom-loving patriots today. This updating of the classic Spartan molṑn labé (meaning "come and take them") is a powerful challenge to would-be gun grabbers. Seeking to remove arms from the people will not come without dear cost. For the Texian rebels of the Battle of Gonzales, these words were not mere tough talk. They were words the Texians were willing to die for.

You can read the full article Gonzales Flag: Meaning and History Behind "Come and Take It" at Ammo.com
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