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These 6 common vegetables are actually all the same plant

Started by mrclose, May 12, 2019, 08:36:18 AM

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Not especially Earth Shattering information but I had no idea that all of these were from one plant!

Thought that I might not be the only one to find this interesting.  :smile:

You may never have heard of the plant Brassica Oleracea, but you've definitely eaten it.

Six vegetables you can find in any grocery store and which most people eat on a regular basis are actually all from this one plant. Over the last few thousand years, farmers have bred Brassica Oleracea into six "cultivars" that eventually became many of the vegetables we eat:

This one plant was selectively bred over hundreds of years to create dozens of wildly different vegetables. By selecting and breeding plants with bigger leaves, or larger buds, the different cultivars (also known as subspecies) were created.


If you would prefer to read the article in its entirety, with popups and other clutter, just click on Business Insider at the top left at link!
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So, in other words, "Genetic Engineering"? :biggrin:
Love it! I think it is the beet that was genetically engineered by a fungus thousands of years ago, otherwise it would just be an inedible root.
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