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October 26, 2021, 10:43:56 PM

nurse jackie

Started by Yuriy the Loader, November 24, 2020, 02:27:34 PM

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Yuriy the Loader

Watching "Nurse jackie " on Netflix.

I watched several seasons a few years ago, and then a new season came up.

I decided to reconsider from the very beginning, for two reasons. Firstly, I have already forgotten what is there and how, and secondly, the actors there are wonderful, the dialogues are short, the episodes are funny but also sad.

The main character, a very professional and no longer very young nurse of a certain average NY hospital (Edie Falco). The bouquet of characters that surround her is a young handsome white doctor, a complete idiot in life (Peter Facinelli). Because of his stupidity, the patient dies. A very beautiful doctor, with a strong British accent, an excellent doctor, comes from a wealthy family, but is lonely and sexually dissatisfied (Eve Best) . A round dance of the average medical staff - an Arab homosexual, a plump fool trainee, a diabetic one-eyed homosexual, a very handsome former drug addict young Hispanic and a two cherries on the cake, the husband of the main character and her lover.

Of course, in such a team there is a big hospital, everyone, sooner or later, starts to fuck each other. But I will not blame them for this, since I myself, quite recently, was young. And I know how pheromones work in close communication between men and women.

But the moral character of the main character, by the end of season 2, no longer even alarms me, but frankly frightens me.

She has a wonderful loving husband, two wonderful daughters ... but the main character cannot live without drugs. And therefore, she is already from a drug user, becomes a prostitute who has sex with a hospital pharmacist. For giving her these drugs.

Further more, she also puts a hospital patient on drugs, teaches how to use marijuana. Then, obeying the movement of her kind heart, she dismisses the Mexican illegal from the hospital, who also had an illegal revolver. In NYC, illegal firearms are punishable by 7 years in prison.

After this, the rest of her sins no longer matter.

And this is only the middle of season 2 ...

Yuriy the Loader

Here you go. I watched season 2 yesterday and found that a nurse, a clever and beautiful woman (in any case, at least 3 men dream of her), had killed her employee. At the request of the employee, of course, but illegally, according to the laws of the state of NY.

In total, we can come to the conclusion that the main character of the 7th season series (and this means that the series has already been watched by millions of people) is a thief, a drug addict, a prostitute, a criminal and a murderer.

I'm afraid that in subsequent episodes she will also turn out to be a Muslim terrorist.

Oh yes! She feeds her very young children with food from MacDonald!


Jackie is a terrible person, no doubt about. It takes brilliant writing to make the viewer care about what happens to an evil character, and I believe Nurse Jackie is indeed a brilliant show. It's no small coincidence that Falco was in The Sopranos, a show that couldn't help but make you like characters who would strangle old women to death for cash.
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Yuri, this is not a forum, pick one of the sister sites, like "Videos" or "Movies", when you post here there is no listing on the site.
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