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GlennBeck.com reviews "Cuties"

Started by je_freedom, September 16, 2020, 07:23:26 AM

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This article
does a good job of analyzing what's bad and what's good
(yes, there are some good things) about the movie "Cuties."

Here are some excerpts from the article:

"this film is filled with the cinematography of sexuality."

"the way in which [the girls] are shot by the camera is extremely suggestive of overt sexuality."

"Tracking shots over women's bodies, particularly
up their backside or across a heaving bosom all decorated in cleavage,
are a stock in trade for many filmmakers (and the only one for some of them).
It's so common in the making of movies that it's often lampooned as a trope."

"What I would hope we could all agree on is that you don't – in good conscience –
use those same tracking shots over the bodies of a group of 11-year-old girls, even to make a point.
And you certainly don't do it over and over and over throughout the course of a movie.
The unstated purpose of such shots in a regular film is to give the viewer a taste of the voyeur."

The story in the movie is a valid one, and has a genuine happy ending.
In short, "Cuties" is about an 11 year old girl who's just been brought to France from Senegal.
She seeks to escape the oppression of Senegal's Muslim culture,
but the alternative she tries is a bad choice -
the online culture of sexual exploitation of young girls.
She joins some other 11 year old girls in a dance troupe,
who post videos of themselves dancing in a very overtly sexual manner.
The troupe enters a dance competiton where they are to perform on stage.
At the last moment, the protagonist bails out on the troupe.
And then comes the genuine happy ending.
The protagonist joins some other girls her age in normal childhood activities.

A more detailed plot summary is at

The writer and director of the movie is Maïmouna Doucouré.

Quoting the article at www.glennbeck.com,

"She claims that the whole intent of the movie is to get people to feel uncomfortable
as they realize the hyper-sexualized nature of children in our modern world,
and how it's driven by the nanny state that is social media in our modern era."

But, the quantity of the voyeristic camera shots makes it look like
the movie is really indulging in the evil more than it is exposing it.
A more honest exposé would have shown, from a little distance,
the girls recording one another, instead of the actual videos they were taking.

The article at www.glennbeck.com finishes with

"This film is at war with its own supposed message –
it seeks to convey the horrors of oversexualized youth
while laying out on open display an entire smorgasbord of pedophilic fantasies."

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