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August 03, 2021, 05:19:05 PM

From an email

Started by walkstall, June 10, 2020, 06:04:24 AM

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I used to think I was pretty much just a regular person, but I was born white, into a two-parent household which now, whether I like it or not, makes me "Privileged", a racist & responsible for slavery.

I am a fiscal & moral conservative, which by today's standards, makes me a fascist because I plan, budget & support myself.

I went to High School, got a degree, got in some college & have always held a job. But I now find out that I am not here because I earned it, but because I was "advantaged".

I am heterosexual, which according to "gay" folks, now makes me a homophobe.

I am not a Muslim, which now labels me as an infidel.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment, which makes me a de facto member of the "vast NRA gun lobby".

I am older than 70, making me a useless eater who doesn't understand Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

I think & I reason, and I doubt much of what the "main stream" media tells me, which makes me a "Right-wing conspiracy nut".

I am proud of my heritage & our inclusive American culture, making me a xenophobe.

I believe in hard work, fair play, & fair compensation according to each individual's merits, which today makes me an anti-socialist.

I believe our system guarantees freedom of effort - not freedom of outcome or subsidies, which must make me a borderline sociopath.

I believe in the defense & protection of America for & by all citizens, now making me a militant.

I am proud of our flag, what it stands for and the many who died to let it fly, so I stand & salute during our National Anthem - so I must be a racist.

Please help me come to terms with the new me because I'm just not sure who I am anymore!

Funny - it all took place over the last 7 or 8 years! If all this nonsense wasn't enough to deal with, now I don't even know which restroom to use....and I gotta go more FREQUENTLY!
A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation.- James Freeman Clarke

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Quote from: walkstall on June 10, 2020, 06:04:24 AM

Funny - it all took place over the last 7 or 8 years!

The leftist propganda exposed in the original post
has been pushed in the schools for the last FORTY years.

Rush Limbaugh used to laugh at such foolishness.
He would say that the academics who promote this garbage
have destroyed their own credibility.

He has come to realize that we now have an entire generation
who has never heard anything other than that propaganda!

The left "secretly" indoctrinated the children,
while their parents blindly assumed that the schools
were just like the ones they attended as youths.

Most parents blindly put their faith in the "American" institution, public schools,
while the school system had already been completely taken over by Communists.

What's happened in the last 7 or 8 years is the "mainstreaming" of Communism.
The Communists have brainwashed a large enough share of the population
that they think they can shame true knowledge out of existence.
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