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New here. Need place to balance political debate sites. And rant

Started by Thor, August 03, 2020, 02:04:09 PM

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Hey guys.

I just had to find a forum where i could vent about my disgust at what is becoming of this world (and most of the debate sites i can find), and then without pathetic censorship. I hope this forum won't baby/nanny state censor me too. If so, oh well. That will just be even more sad having a conservative forum censoring speech. That being said i don't tend to be a nasty person, but i do get sick of babying censorship that weakens society, thus i feel like having a bit of an adult non babying rant at times.

I also don't consider myself a conservative, and in some ways perhaps not even a republican. Although i am a registered republican out of necessity. I just usually end up on the right most of the time because the left is absolutely nuts. So the right are the only sensible people i can talk to unfortunately, the downside is i also don't find a ton of agreement on some of my more left leaning (but i consider sensible) positions, so i'm stuck in the middle. My positions and opinions fall on both sides of the spectrum. So basically a centrist.

I am so sick and tired of the hand holding of society. I am sick and tired of having all of my posts removed for respectfully voicing my opinions. Oh whine whine everything is racist and mean. I have to close my eyes from all the mean words. It's like suck it up buttercup.

I'm also sick and tired of everything being made into a race based subject. Get over it. The 2016 elections were a sad joke. 95% of discourse was about whine whine racism. How about, ok racism is bad. Subject done, over. Let's move on, ok? How about talking about real and tangible subjects like international issues, trade etc. Internal infrastructure etc.

Ok rant over...

Now that I got that out, Thanks if you could bare it lol

PS: I also need a center/right wing forum to balance out the craziness of my time spent on other forums for my sanity lol. But i dont want to just stay around like minded people because id like to actually contribute to getting sensible truth out there and staying in an echo chamber doesnt help with that.


Hello Thor , welcome to CPF.

There will be some one along to direct you to your table.
I dream of the day a chicken can cross the road with out it's motives being questioned.