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Johns Hopkins academic: CDC data shows COVID hasn’t increased US death rate

Started by walkstall, November 28, 2020, 09:32:11 PM

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Using statistical analysis, a senior lecturer from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) has demonstrated that COVID-19 has resulted in no excess deaths, yet the university has censored the article online.

Dr. Genevieve Briand, the "Assistant Director for MS in Applied Economics," gave a video lecture in which she examined the deaths due to COVID-19 and deaths overall in the U.S.

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Covid is fatal only in combination with other factors (say) "covid + cold + flu + pre-existing conditions"

Only persons suffering multiple illnesses simultaneously get sick enough for hospitalization

Every patient is always tested for Covid

brand new CDC regs make hospitals equate "d. WITH covid" to "d. FROM covid"

Covid is assigned all of the blame, even when (per previous rules) doctors would have named one of the other factors as the "primary" main CoD

the new regs also reimburse hospitals with federal funds for "covid" related care