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What Patriots Must Do Over the Next Few Days

Started by Doug1943, November 22, 2021, 05:25:49 AM

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The Left is reeling. They've suffered several defeats in the last few weeks. We need to keep them on the run, and consolidate territory.

There is one area we need to make an effort to reach: young people who are not college students. Many of them are anti-'Woke', and some of them have been awakened to what's happening by the Kyle Rittenhouse persecution.

If you go to YouTube, which many of them look at  -- Okay, okay, they should be studying Burke and Austrian Economics and reading Victor Davis Hanson, but we are where we are --  if you go on YouTube, you'll see literally tens of thousands of people watching the videos about this trial, his acquittal -- and literally thousand of people commenting on them, nearly all pro-Rittenhouse. This group includes a lot of the young male demographic that we must reach.

Reach them for what, you may ask, if they're already anti-Left?

Reach them to get them to register to vote. It's known that his age group ... the under-25's -- has a very low voting rate.

We have a chance to reach some of them now. It will cost you anywhere from fifteen minutes to .. . as long as you like.

Here's what you need to do:

(1) Put "Youtube" in your browser search bar.
(2) When Youtube comes up, put "Rittenhouse" in the Youtube search bar.
(3) Enter a comment. It should say something like this, but not the exact
---- "Wonderful news about Kyle ... but ... the people who wanted to
lynch him are still in office. If you don't register to vote, and then
vote next November, they will remain there and continue to work to destroy America.

Go here to find out how to register: https://vote.gov/   and then go here:

Change a few of the words in the first couple of sentences each time you post. This
doesn't have to be a big change, but enough to get under the radar of the spam-
elimination algorithms.

Comments get pushed down by other comments, so if a half dozen people comment on
the same video over several hours or days, that's fine. Necessary, in fact, to keep
this message before the eyes of people who read the comments, since they won't read down
more than a couple of dozen. 

You can even return to the same video and comment.

In Flordia, the GOP has had serious success because of its intensive voter registration
work. This stuff is important. This Youtube raid may be a way to reach a few thousand ... maybe more ..
people who are seeing how horrible the Left is, but who may not take further action.

If others have ideas about how to reach new voters, I would be grateful to hear them.
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