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US prepares Taiwan for war with China

Started by Solar, October 08, 2021, 03:21:16 AM

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A special operations unit and a contingent of U.S. Marines have been preparing Taiwanese soldiers for a potential invasion of China in secret exercises, the Wall Street Journal revealed in a report that was confirmed by the Pentagon on Friday.

Around two dozen elite soldiers train Taiwanese ground troops, while US Marines practice combat with Taiwan's naval forces.

China: U.S. must withdraw from Taiwan
The U.S. must withdraw troops from Taiwan, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said today, urging Washington to respect its agreements with Beijing.

"The U.S. must sever diplomatic relations and abrogate its mutual defense treaty with Taiwan and U.S. forces must withdraw from Taiwan."

Chinese FM spokesman Zhao Lijian
"The U.S. has made its clear commitment to China. In his phone call with President Xi Jinping, President Biden emphasized that it has no intention to change the One China principle," spokesman Zhao told reporters.

Xi Jinping is expected to make a speech tomorrow (Saturday) concerning Taiwan and the recent revelation that U.S. troops have been on the island conducting training for several months.

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