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Seattle Police Let Driver Speed Away In Stolen Car

Started by Solar, January 05, 2022, 08:56:57 PM

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Hey libs, we're no longer ridiculing you for supporting these idiots.
But I'm curious, what are your plans to stop these commies from killing your cities?

This is just embarrassing watching as the sergeant calls off his officers and lets the punk go.


Officers responded to the scene, and after making contact with the occupant of the car, discovered from the license plate that the vehicle had been reported stolen. Additional units were then summoned, "to assist in attempting to the take the driver who was in possession of a stolen vehicle into custody."

Video footage taken by KIRO Radio shows that a group of officers proceeded to surround the vehicle with their guns drawn before it fled, driving away on the sidewalk.

As for why police didn't follow the driver, Huserik notes that SPD's official policy dictates that officers in that particular situation were not permitted to stage a pursuit.

"Public safety being paramount, we have to factor in time of day, weather conditions, the activity of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the area," he told KIRO Radio's Gee & Ursula Show. "Then, of course, we have our pursuit policy in the SPD manual — that dictates when and when we cannot pursue a vehicle, and in this in this circumstance, our pursuit policy did not allow officers to go after that vehicle."

Law enforcement in several areas across Washington have voiced complaints regarding a statewide policy that went into effect last year, which limits the situations in which officers can stage vehicular pursuits. According to Huserik, this instance would have played out the same regardless of that new law.

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