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New Jersey To $53 Million Settlement With Families Of Nursing Home PatienTS

Started by Solar, January 07, 2022, 01:27:20 PM

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This is only the beginning as it leads to the WH.

New Jersey Agrees To $53 Million Settlement With Families Of Nursing Home Patients Who Died Of COVID

The state of New Jersey has agreed to pay $53 million to families of 119 veterans who died of COVID-19 at two state-run nursing homes.

In the first eight months of the COVID-19 pandemic, 101 residents of Menlo Park Veterans Memorial Home in Edison, N.J. died of COVID-19, and 89 more died at a home in nearby Paramus, N.J., according to The New York Times. The families of the victims were preparing lawsuits for "gross negligence," but will now receive payouts of, on average, $445,ooo each.

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