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Bank of America tells employees US is 'white supremacist'

Started by Solar, August 18, 2021, 11:51:03 PM

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LEAKED: Bank of America tells employees US is 'white supremacist' and to get 'woke at work'

Newly leaked documents reveal that the Bank of America's executives are making employees go through lessons that tell them that the USA is a racist country and that they must prioritize racial privilege in their world views.
Christopher Rufo has been the leading voice in the pushback against critical race theory for sometime now. His previous hits include exposing Raytheon and Disney for enforcing far-left ideological agendas in the workplace.
Bank of America happens to be next in line for the spotlight.

Rufo specifies that Bank of America's North Carolina and Charlotte market president instituted this "Racial Equity 21-day challenge" earlier this year.
The teachings are the same as usually anticipated when dealing with the CRT subject matter. It's taught that white people have an advantage with their skin color, no matter how rich or poor they are. The Bank of America materials even target children, saying white toddlers as early as age three have potential racial biases.
Rufo reveals that Bank of America tells employees that the USA is a "racialized society" currently. That it hasn't moved beyond that since the era of Martin Luther King's prominence.
While Bank of America elevates whites, it also asserts they're more guilty, anxious, and shameful of their position. Also they absolve all people of color from ever being capable of racism whatsoever.

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