Author Topic: Soldier returns from Florence relief effort to find NC home burglarized  (Read 183 times)

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A North Carolina Army medic, who was put on state active duty to help with Hurricane Florence relief efforts, returned home Friday to find that he'd been robbed.

National Guardsman Luis Ocampo was working in the low-lying riverfront city of New Bern for 10 days after it was battered by strong winds and high floodwaters of the fearsome storm.

Ocampo returned to his Charlotte home on Friday. But when he did, he discovered that it wasn't just Mother Nature with a cruel streak. His home had been burglarized. A large TV, gaming system and a laptop were among the stolen items.

Ocampo said food was also stolen, pilfered from his fridge.

This is why I want stiffer penalties on certain crimes.

There should be mandatory sentencing (times six) for this crime:
1. Crimes against military personnel and their property.
2. Crimes during a natural disaster or state of emergency
3. Trespassing the second you enter the yard
4. Breaking and entering when you physically go into the home
5. Stealing property (doesn't matter if it is a can of soda from the fridge)
8. Repeat offender (more than likely it will apply).
First Amendment isn't just Freedom Of Speech, it's Freedom Of Conscience.

Who made you the arbiter of morality? You are not Government but you sure are acting like North Korea.


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