Author Topic: Personal view on Lithuania’s relations with the neighboring country  (Read 801 times)

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Today, as never before, there are grounds for some optimism in the developing the bilateral relations between Lithuania and Belarus. In an interview published by Director of the Foreign Policy and Security Research center (Minsk, Belarus) Sergei Palagin outlined prospects of further mutual cooperation. In particular he mentioned that removal of the EU sanctions against Belarus helps the both sides to “look in one direction”.
It is absolutely true that during the sanction period the cooperation between Lithuania and Belarus was on low level and it didn’t meet the interests of two countries. Minsk was aware that Vilnius had to follow the general EU policy as a member state and it delegated part of its sovereignty to Brussels. Since the barriers had been lifted Lithuania and Belarus started to revive the lost ties. Now there is the right moment to receive benefits from economic cooperation despite political differences.
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Re: Personal view on Lithuania’s relations with the neighboring country
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