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Author Topic: How to move a destroyer (in 2 video minutes)  (Read 977 times)

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How to move a destroyer (in 2 video minutes)
« on: December 10, 2015, 04:48:13 AM » offers a link to a video showing how shipyards relocate a given vessel from its fabrication site to the dry-dock area where initial testing will be done. Here, it's the future destroyer Ralph Johnson (DDG-114), a 509-foot ship in the Arleigh Burke class.

The move took three days and to give you an idea of how large she is, the 9,213-ton ship is about the same size as a 1900’s pre-dreadnought battleship of Teddy Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet and is over half as long as a Manhattan city block.

Once completed, she will carry 96 Mk 41 vertical launch cells for a mix of Standard surface-to-air missiles, anti-ballistic missiles, and Tomahawk cruise missiles as well as a  5-inch/62 caliber Mk-45 gun forward as a hood ornament, among other weapons.

Johnson is set to taste the waters of the Mississippi Sound just after the first of the year and be accepted into the fleet in Aug. 2016.


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