Author Topic: BIZARRE Invisible Laser Weapon Casts SOUND & FIRE at a DISTANCE  (Read 271 times)

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The headline is NON-LETHAL.

Then the videos demonstrate Military Uniforms being set on fire, and 140Db Sounds Levels. So.....

There is also a statement that China has this Technology as well. In fact is MORE ADVANCED than the US.

FIRST: I don't understand why these Videos are being made Public. I sure couldn't make one of these from a Video, but it seems some important info, that perhaps should be kept under wraps, is being released.

SECOND: I'm strongly considering whether a device like this was tested on US DIPLOMATS in Cuba !

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Re: BIZARRE Invisible Laser Weapon Casts SOUND & FIRE at a DISTANCE
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2018, 03:02:31 PM »
Imagine the stuff that's new and not releasable.  This is probably 20 years old, hence the release.

I'm starting to think David Wilcock is accurate in claiming that the govt / deep state has a bunch of insane crap under wraps.... like stargate type portals and having been out there in space / dimensions already.  Medical tech and cures that only the deep players can use. De- and Re- materialization for travel and things like the pyramids and alchemy.


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