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Uncharted 4
« on: May 27, 2016, 08:41:20 PM »
The sprawling, brawling treasure-spectacle wraps-up... allegedly... no matter how unusually elaborate Naughty Dog Studios' epilogue is.  The ending is simply brilliant.

The ending to the actual story is a fraction more predictable, but typical to the other three games' finales.  -A tough swordfight.  The controls are as satisfyingly fluid as ever, but you really gotta work for it.  The steel-on-steel sound-effects are amazing.

I knew the game was going to be special, when you had to escape from the same Panamanian prison twice, a couple years apart.  Once to establish the pirate-legend, then once to set-up the loss of Nate's brother, who returns to lure Nate out of retirement.

The impressive plotline moves to the Italian Alps, the coast of Scotland, then on to Madagascar and an intriguing island-grouping nearby.  Included, is an extensive flashback where Nate and his brother escape from a Catholic-orphanage in Cartegna, Columbia... over the city rooftops, to break-into their mother's old mansion.  Drake's motivation in all four games is explained, more or less. 

And for the title...  Uncharted... 

is the love between a man and a woman.  And friendships.  And family.

The locales which the adventures weave-through, by coincidence, just happen to fit the definition of 'uncharted' as well.

The locales here, are breathtakingly beautiful.  You have a little bit more time in 4 to take-it-all-in.  There are spots where you almost forget to continue with the story, with so much detail in the landscapes.

The puzzles are intricate yet excitingly easy to solve, equal to the ones in the other three games.  The gunfights, the explosions, the smoke, the chase-sequences... unbelievably textured.

So yeah, Naughty Dog's developers will try to move on to new endeavors... but I bet the epilogue is actually a prologue.

I almost forgot... Greg Edmonson's soundtrack.  The masterpiece is complete.



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