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Democracy II
« on: October 23, 2017, 06:53:07 AM »

The name alone exposes its leftist bias.

Just heard someone talking about it on the radio, so I looked it up.
This is not a game you want brainwashing your children, so don't buy it.
Here's a couple of quotes from players critiques.

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Not Recommended

My biggest complaint is that there is no way to win the different scenarios if you choose any other political path than "progressive liberalism."

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Not Recommended

Overall 5/10

- The idea behind it is good, you get to play a government and using different policies you try to get reelected while improving a country.
- Some concepts behind it are solid, both in terms of ecomics and social policies.
- It is easy to understand what each polciy does.

- It is probably too easy to beat, just a bunch of algorithms to beat.
- There's only one way to "win" and that is pretty much going full "social democrat", nothing else seem to work.
- Very few scenarios.
- The consequences of some actions are totally off, like raising VAT to 70% and seeing your opinion rating go up.

I truly like the idea behind it, and I hope the author gets backing to develop it into 1) a real game, made by pros and 2) a more realistic simulation, but as it is now I cannot reccomend it.
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