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Author Topic: Borderlands 3  (Read 765 times)

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Borderlands 3
« on: February 09, 2020, 03:25:02 PM »
Anyone playing it? I got it, played a bit, went back to BL 2. It has some good stuff, but honestly, after years of hype, it just didn't live up to the claims.
Buggy for one thing, enemies are easy, then suddenly impossible to kill, so you wind up using all your resources, have to find a place to reload, at ridiculous prices.
Then, if you still can't advance, you are forced to do stupid side missions to level up, shit you didn't want to do in the first place and many don't make much sense anyway.

Out of 10, I give it a 5 and a 3 on learning curve, they screwed that up as well, it doesn't play like its predecessors, BL 1 and BL 2.


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